Today 21.07.2019

Temp max. 23°C
Temp min. 13°C
Sunshine max. 5 h
0° Level 4000 m

Monday 22.07.2019

Temp max. 26°C
Temp min. 12°C
Sunshine max. 9 h
0° Level 4300 m

Tuesday 23.07.2019

Temp max. 28°C
Temp min. 13°C
Sunshine max. 11 h
0° Level 4600 m

Wednesday 24.07.2019

Temp max. 29°C
Temp min. 14°C
Sunshine max. 13 h
0° Level 4700 m

Thursday 25.07.2019

Temp max. 30°C
Temp min. 15°C
Sunshine max. 13 h
0° Level 4500 m

Lifts in Operation

Winter Ski Area 5 of/ 23
Glacier Ski Area 1 of/ 8
Total 6 of/ 31

4-day Forecast

On Sunday a weak disturbance front, a so-called cold front, will brush against our region. Increasing cloudiness and thunderstorms are probably expected early throughout the day and rain showers plus thunderstorms are expected. However, the increasing air pressure will soon result in a slow stabilization of the summer weather. The temperatures will probably only slightly decrease. A strong high-pressure area will establish itself over Central Europe throughout next week. It will result in mostly sunny and increasingly hot weather. The leading weather models indicate a longer heat wave. The development will be quite like during the recent heat wave at the End of June. Cool North Atlantic air will reach the Canarian Isles and in return very hot air will move from the North African desert northward in the direction of Middle Europe.